Training sessions
for professionals and individuals

Learn to use the FullMetal metallic coatings

Want to know more about the FullMetal products? Need some advice to get started?

FullMetal Sàrl, sole distributor of FullMetal coatings in Switzerland, is organising training sessions. These take place over a whole day and include a theoretical component and a practical component. Here you will learn how to apply FullMetal coatings on all types of supporting material.

Discover FullMetal metallic coatings session

Lenght: one day
Dates: several times a year, see next dates opposite
Location: Rue de Belle-Roche 3, 2114 Fleurier, Switzerland
Aims: discover the range of FullMetal metallic coatings and their applications
learn to apply them (theory and practice)
learn the necessary basics to use the coatings and carry out your own work independently
Number of 
participants: maximum 4 people

Tutorial on YouTube

Can’t wait for our next session? Discover our YouTube tutorial. In it we show you how to put a metallic design onto a wooden plate using FullMetal coatings.