FullMetal collection


In 2017 a new brand came into being: Duvoisin-Vichard.

The electric guitar maker Duvoisin Guitars SA and the cabinet maker Vichard combine their skills to create high-end guitar models with unique and unparalleled finishes.
In a world first, the FullMetal collection is made up of the first instruments to be coated with metallic coatings made of steel, aluminium and bronze.

Full Metal

Each instrument is decorated by hand in the workshops of the cabinet maker Vichard.

The decoration process for each instrument lasts about three weeks.
Thanks to the application of several layers and the craftmanship that goes into the texturing, not to mention the subsequent use of several protective coats of varnish, each guitar and each bass leaving the workshops is transformed into something truly unique.
The guitar is then brought up to the workshops of Duvoisin Guitars where each instrument is painstakingly tuned.
Are you a musician looking for a guitar with the perfect sound?
Thanks to the bridge and amplifier patented by Duvoisin Guitars, the metallic design that you choose has no impact on the unrivalled “Duvoisin” sound quality.
As our motto goes, “everything has to be perfect”.
Choosing a Duvoisin-Vichard has made its mark in the world of bespoke instruments.
We’re delighted for you to experience this first-hand.

Oxidised metal

Guitar FullMetal Oxidised metal


Guitar FullMetal Aluminium


Bass Guitar FullMetal Bronze