Furniture, art and decorative objects

Transform your furniture and objects into something unique

Want to restyle, salvage or convert decorative objects? To breath new life into a table, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe?

With FullMetal you’ll be giving a new style to

  • furniture (chest of drawers, coffee table, dining table, shelving unit, wardrobe, bookcase, chairs)

  • interior woodwork

  • mirror frames or photo frames

  • works of art (statues, sculptures, paintings etc.)

  • crockery, vases, candlesticks, lamps etc.

Let your imagination run wild and transform your home to suit your heat’s desires!

FullMetal can be applied to any supporting material and with any type of finish.

Discover our DIY and decoration kits in our online shop.

Fittings and interior decoration

For buildings, planes and boats


Customise your vehicle

Bathrooms, hammam, sauna

The luxury of brass, copper or bronze for your bathroom