FullMetal Metallic Coatings

Architecture, decoration, bodywork

FullMetal is a range of metallic coatings which give a rusty, coppery, brass, bronze or aluminium appearance to all types of structures:

  • living room walls, bathroom walls
  • work surfaces
  • ceilings
  • floors
  • furniture
  • decorative objects
  • bodywork

FullMetal is aimed at:

  • construction companies (finishings)
  • architects, interior designers, decorators
  • private clients
  • shops, DIY stores

Metallic coatings are a great material for construction and customising objects.
Their appearance and their material provide industrial decoration which is both sophisticated and sought after by interior designers and those involved in property presentation.

With FullMetal, give your home a makeover and transform your objects into works of art.

FullMetal products





Oxidised metal

Métal Oxydé





Composition: 90% pure metal

Bronze, copper, aluminium, brass, (metal-oxidised) iron: FullMetal coatings are made up of 90% pure metal powder.

All types of supporting materials

Thanks to a bond coat, the FullMetal coatings can be easily applied to all types of supporting materials:

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FullMetal services

Advice, classes, carrying out projects

FullMetal advises professionals, offers training sessions, produces decorative elements in the workshop on request and provides its own team of experienced applicators to carry out your projects.

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Unlimited applications

Fittings, bodywork, bathrooms, art and decoration

The applications of FullMetal metallic coatings are unlimited. The sky’s the limit!

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FullMetal collection

Metallic electric guitars

Under the brand name Duvoisin-Vichard, the instrument maker Duvoisin Guitars SA and the cabinet maker Vichard combine their skills to create high-end electric guitars with a metallic finish.

Duvoisin-Vichard guitars combine sound quality with a metallic appearance.

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FullMetal Collection
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