Walls, partition walls, interior fittings, decoration

For buildings, planes and boats

Subtle and refined, the FullMetal coatings capture the light and transform your interior walls and floors into works of art.

Typical applications of FullMetal for interior architecture:

  • living room or bedroom wall
  • partition in the cockpit of a plane
  • partition wall in a boat cabin
  • kitchen splashback, wall panels
  • kitchen worktop
  • floors

FullCement Décor

Draw attention to your walls or furniture: the FullCement coating allows you to design your surroundings. Submit your idea to us and we’ll then make the moulds to reproduce the structure on your chosen supporting material.

Once moulded, the surfaces can then be given a patina, varnished, coated with the FullMetal coatings or left untreated.

Typical application of the FullCement coating:

  • waiting room walls
  • office partition
  • corridor
  • company reception area


Customise your vehicle

Bathrooms, hammam, sauna

The luxury of brass, copper or bronze for your bathroom

Furniture, art and decorative objects

Transform your furniture and objects into something unique