Range of FullMetal metallic coatings

FullMetal is a range of metallic coatings inspired by contemporary architecture. Their grades of metal (rust, copper, bronze, aluminium, brass) interact with the light to add character to your walls and furniture.

Composition and shades of the coatings

Pure metal for a unique design

Made up of 90% pure metal powder, our coatings can be broken down into the following categories:

BrassCopperBronzeAluminiumOxidised metal





Oxidised metal

Métal Oxydé





Applying the coatings

With a brush, a roller or a trowel

FullMetal coatings are very malleable and can be applied using a brush, a roller or a trowel. They enable any possible design by fitting closely to the structure’s contours and can be moulded as smooth or structured surfaces. Protected by a covering lacquer, they are abrasion and water-resistant.

Whether it is for coating a wall, floor, kitchen splashback, piece of furniture, fitting, lamp or any other decorative object, FullMetal coatings will surprise you with their unique metallic finish.

All our metallic coatings are available in 250 g, 500 g or 1 kg kits.